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'Global Sustainability Solutions' is a reservoir of sustainable solutions that integrates expertise from commercial and non-commercial organizations to bring out the collective strength to achieve a sustainable world. While it provides a pool of global experts, it's multi-disciplinary partnerships including business organizations, non-governmental organizations, research organizations, media agencies, community groups and other organizations strengthens the movement to create a sustainable world.

Our vision is to create a sustainable world. To accomplish this, our mission is integrating the expertise, experience, services and products of organisations, communities and individuals with towards creating sustainability at all levels. Currently we posses a wide range of core capabilities in a variety of fields to create sustainable futures for all, and our services include CSR, SRI, PR, Intergrated Communications, Research, Innovation, Design, Micro-Credit, Publishing, Conventions, Networking, etc. 

Our expertise is extended towards making 'sustainability' a concept which people can relate to in everyday life, organising and facilitating stakeholders forums and engagement processes, embedding sustainability in operational plans, facilitating research and policy formulation, guiding communities from poverty to sustainability, etc.

Our creativity for solutions derives from the imagination, designs, innovations, strategies and collective implementation methodologies that meet the diverse needs of our clients and partners.

Most importantly our compassion for society, passion for social responsibility, and commitment to environmental, economic and social - sustainable development – is our primary motivator.


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